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100 Day Returns Terms And Conditions
Current Version: Ver. 1.0 (9th November 2018)

100 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At DreamSofa we want you to absolutely love every signature piece you create with us. We also want your purchase to be just right. This is why we offer an unparalleled 100 day return policy on all our design pieces. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, e-mail us a member of our design team to arrange for a pickup. A refund will be processed minus the delivery, pickup charges, and our standard 25% restocking fee (Custom orders as specified below are not eligible for returns). We are confident that you will love the products you order from, but we’d like to put your mind at ease with all your purchases with us.

Many of our customers choose to resell their items on places such as Craigslist, Chairish and Viyet as a more cost effective alternative to the returns process. Rest assured, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you are treated with fairness and dignity in the unlikely event that what you ordered isn’t exactly what you wanted.


Return or Exchange Process

In case of your desire to return or exchange any product please comply with the following:

  • Our products are thoroughly wrapped, and packed before delivery to insure a safe and secure shipping process. Without the original packaging, we would not be able to accept any returns, so please be sure to retain the products in their original packaging. This is to ensure safe transport back to’s facilities.
  • Please be sure that the products are kept in brand new and unused new condition. In order to process any return or exchanges the items must be free from any scratches, stains, damages, drilling or any other modifications.
  • Please note there are no returns, nor refunds once an order has moved into production. Custom modifications of special requests, special configurations, dimensional adjustments (length, height, depth), etc will not be eligible for our return or exchange policy. Please keep in mind our entire collection is custom American hand-made and subject to standard size variation of 1” to 3 “.
  • Once the delivery team leaves, it is the customer’s responsibility to ship the items back using a service of their choosing, drop them off, or pay the appropriate corresponding handling fee to have our delivery service pick it up. Please ensure, prior to delivery, that there is adequate access to complete the delivery into the designated space. Our team is always there to provide dimensions while customizing your piece to have a smooth delivery process. There are No Returns or Refunds due to fitting and accessibility issues. In such instances, the pieces will be held at the designated shipping facility and can be picked up. The pieces will be held for 30 days, after which a daily storage fee will apply.
  • Please note If a return is made for an exchanged item due to reasons of customer dissatisfaction, reserves the right to deem that exchanged item a Final Sale piece, and not eligible for further return or exchange. Additionally, if management deems any situation to be that of return policy abuse, service may be refused at the discretion of the company. If an order is determined to be fraudulent, service may be refused at the discretion of the company as well.
  • Firmer foam options such as “The Wave”, “The Performance” and “The Benchmade” are designed to be highly resilient over time. They are subject to an adjustment period, as they will gradually soften overtime to provide the desired comfort level.
    As our cushions are built with organic materials such as fabric and foam, normal wear and tear is to be expected. Slight sagginess or softness on the covers is to be expected over time and, this does not represent any manufacturing defect. You may easily fluff and smooth out the cushions to recover the shape. In high traffic and activity areas we recommend upgrading to “The Performance” comfort level to maintain a more crisp and clean look overtime.


How can I ensure smooth shipping? 

In order to ensure the smoothest delivery process for both customer and shipping partner alike, we kindly request that prior to placing your order, you evlauate and detemrine the accessibility, measumrent, and sizing of your space to esnure a seamlss delivery process of your pieces. There are No Returns or Refunds due to fitting and accessibility issues. Please Note: Once a piece has left our facility it is the responsibility of the client to determine suitable delivery methods in the event the shipping company is incapable of completing the said delivery. Our team is always on hand to provide dimensions of any of our prodcuts. 

Can I return my custom-made order? 

Because all custom orders are specifically patterned and tailored to a single customer’s vision and specifications, there are No Refunds or Returns on any custom pieces. Our team is always here to assist in any providing order details and dimensions to avoid any potential concerns before your order has been placed. In the event of any issues, our team is here to help you discover alternative options, so please contact our Care team to help find a solution.

How can I make sure that I choose the correct size for me? 

Our talented team of designers are always on hand to help you with every step of your design journey and we strongly recommend contacting us to discuss any questions that you may have regarding size variations, dimensions, seat depth, width or height. We offer additional diagrams on our website that offer that extra bit of clarity, conveying the total seat depth without back cushions, where the cushions are placed and how this space will be reduced due to the space that the back cushions will occupy. However if any additional clarification is needed our awesome Designers are always here to provide guidance and clarity. 

How can I make sure that I choose the right comfort level for me?

Our comfort levels have been tried and tested in order to offer our customers the best possible options for any individual, comparable to Goldilocks and the three bears, there is a perfect comfort level that is just right for each one of us! We offer the following comfort options as shown via our website: The Cloud, The Wave, The Performance and The Benchmade. It should be noted that our firmer foam options such as The Wave, The Performance and The Benchmade are designed to be highly resilient over time and tend to require an adjustment period to soften slightly while the piece is being used. Following this, these firmer foams will gradually contour to your body and will provide you with the perfect level of comfort that you’ve been searching for! Once again, we recommend reaching out to us if you need any further guidance as we pride ourselves on our high level of customer happiness and care. 

What can I expect with fabric and foam materials over time? 

Our beautiful pieces are built with organic materials such as fabric and foam! Rest assured with time, normal wear and tear is expected as well as easily remedied! You can easily fluff and smooth out the fabric to recover the shape of your cushions, and if you happen to spot a slight sagginess or softness on any cover, this is also a natural reflection of daily use over time. We would like to firmly assure you that this is in no way, a sign of any manufacturing defect or imperfection. However, if you feel that due to your fast paced lifestyle or upbeat social life that wear and tear may be reached at a slightly speedier pace, we would recommend upgrading to a high performance foam. 

What can I expect regarding the mechanisms of my sleeper sofa/sectional over time?

We at DreamSofa are proud to present our sturdy and reliable sleeper mechanisms! However, like any long-term purchase, they are bound to experience a slight drop over time, depending on the style, weight and mattress type. We at DreamSofa, reserve the right to determine whether or not there´s an inconsistency on the design of the piece and we thank you for the mutual trust placed within both parties. Sleeper Mattress Overhang: Pieces with 5” to 7”  legs are bound to have a narrower space between the floor and the sleeper mechanism, meaning that it tends to be more visible underneath, this is completely normal and expected, it does not consist of a manufacturing defect or malfunction and it does not qualify for a Return or Refund. 

How can I be sure that the images will match the product that l will receive? endeavors to be as accurate as possible with each and every one of our representations! However, we are only human and mistakes, although rare, can happen. wishes to outline that we do not warrant that product descriptions or other content on are always complete, or error-free, and our team is always here to provide upto date and accurate information to ensure we avoid any potential sizing, or description errors. We believe in complete and utter transparency and we thank you for your understanding. 

What about lifetime warranty? 

Our woodwork is guaranteed to last a lifetime against any manufacturing defects. We highly recommend checking and inspecting your designs upon receipt, and contacting a DreamSofa expert in order to help you address any concerns that you may have upon the arrival of your piece. 

We would like to address that you hereby recognize that you are obtaining a product that is built with organic products such as wood, foam and fabric, which are bound to normal wear and tear. Please be sure to report any issues pertaining to wood rubbing, squeaking noises or wobbling, fabric imperfections, extreme or unusual wear and tear, or any other manufacturing defect within the first 100 days of use, as failure to do so could void the warranty. Please be sure to let us know as we are always more than happy to help and assist you to the utmost of our ability! 

How do I go about Selecting my Dream Fabric?

We have an abundance of beautiful designer fabrics in our collection that you can explore to find your Dream Fabric. We always recommend ordering Free swatches to ensure consistency of color, and dye-lot in your room. DreamSofa believes in complete transparency and we want to ensure that your design process is as delightful as possible. Due to color variance on computer/mobile devices, and different lighting illumination in rooms, fabrics can appear dramatically different and thus we always recommend ordering your FREE fabric samples in order to experience a complete visualization of your fabric color and texture. We always select the highest quality materials and with any designer fabric there are dye-lot variations to be expected. This is a natural effect that is experienced with different fabric rolls and is to be expected on the products. There are absolutely No Returns or Refunds on any fabric color variation or dye-lot Variation. To avoid any concerns with your fabric selection we recommend ordering your FREE fabric swatches.

What happens if my order is damaged during transit? 

We ship our beautiful collection only with premier shipping lines that specialize in Custom High End furniture. We always do our best to maintain the high level of communication and standard that exists between ourselves and our delivery partner. We kindly request that any issues pertaining to damage or mishandling during transit are properly documented with the carrier at the time of delivery. We kindly ask that you please make sure to fill out the proof of delivery report and sign it at the time of delivery. It is your sole responsibility to report to DreamSofa any transit or delivery damages or mishandling within the first 24 hours upon receipt of the pieces, so that your shipping claim can be admitted for review and processing. In addition to this, All evidence such as pictures or videos are to be included and provided at the time of the claim. 

We would also like to outline that DreamSofa will NOT be responsible for any property damages caused or pertaining to sizing issues, and we kindly ask that you please refer to the ‘smooth shipping’ section above. 

What if I am unhappy with my fabric choice once my order arrives? 

If you’re not completely satisfied with your fabric choice, we recommend emailing us to have a dedicated design specialist help explore finding your ideal fabric. You may also choose to have your piece entirely reupholstered with your fabric of choice! In this instance, upholstery and shipping costs will apply. In the unlikely event that your order does not meet the fabric expectations, rest assured, we will do everything in our power to help in resolving your concerns. Our amazing Customer Care team is here to ensure you choose the best fabric and is happy to answer any questions you should have.

What happens if an element of my order is lost in transit?

In this rare and unlikely instance, we kindly ask that you please make sure that the proper information is provided at the time of the purchase. This will include information such as your: name, address, phone number and email address. Any spelling mistakes or mismatched numbers will need to be rectified upon placing your order, so that our support team may correct these mistakes in a timely manner. 

We would also like to disclose that failure to rectify this information in a timely manner, will exempt DreamSofa for any responsibility or monetary indemnification, if any pieces are lost in transit. 

At the same time, if all the correct information is provided, it is DreamSofa´s responsibility to ensure that proper investigation is conducted in order to locate your order or to replace it in the case that it is deemed as being lost in transit.

What can I expect from my new mattress?

Each one of our mattresses is carefully designed, based on your personal choice of comfort level, to provide you with the most comfortable, luxurious, and supportive sleep.

Once you have received your new mattress, we kindly recommend opening it immediately as our mattresses can take between 4-6 hours for the foam to expand to 90% of its maximum capacity, allowing the comfort and thickness of the mattress to unveil itself.  It could take another 4-6 hours for it to reach full expansion and we would also recommend waiting up to 24 hours before sleeping on it. However, this is not mandatory as we would simply tend to suggest giving the mattress ample time to fully form its breathable shape before putting it to use.

We would also like to disclose that all of our mattresses have an expected breaking-in period which usually lasts up to 30 days, with the possibility of reaching 90. The exact amount of time it takes to break in and to get acquainted with a new mattress will depend on the type of mattress purchased as well as the number of times the mattress has been used.

We’re here to here to help let us know how we can help: Return policies can be tricky in the furniture business and we aim to be as fair, open, and transparent as possible. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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